The publication presents the scientific interests and portraits of female physicists with PhD degrees working at the Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University, the Centre for Physical and Technological Sciences, the Departments of Physics of Vilnius Gediminas University and Kaunas University of Technology. Since the significance of scientific achievements changes over time, the positions physicists occupy in the scientific hierarchy are reflected only in the statistics at the back of the booklet. The photographs are by the well-known artist and photographer Marius Abramavičius. His portraits of female physicists highlight not only femininity, but also the ingredients of talent and professionalism, such as curiosity, creativity, stubbornness to achieve and excellence. The publication aims to raise the visibility of female physicists working in scientific institutions in Lithuania and to encourage young girls and women with a talent for the exact sciences to choose physics as a profession. The publication is supported by the LFD and by all Lithuanian research institutions where physics science is developed or their departments. The publication is available on the BASNET Forum portal: