Who are we

BASNET Forumas is a regional Baltic States association of women scientists working in STEM registered in Lithuania.  It is a legal non-profit organisation guided by Lithuanian laws.

The association aims at updating and monitoring of the implementation of BASNET Project Strategy in the Baltic region, accumulating and disseminating best practices addressed to the implementation of gender equality issues in science in the Baltic States.

The main tasks of Association

  • Track the trends of European gender equality in science policy and disseminate them  in the Baltic region;
  • Promote changes in the Baltic States science systems allowing assurance of gender equality research;
  • Maintain and strengthen a unique network of scientists and academics in the Baltic States;
  • Strengthen national networks of women scientists working in STEM fields;
  • Create, maintain and periodically update the BASNET Forum portal and Data basis.

Our approach to design takes inspiration from real people and has its ultimate goal in the clarification of purpose and meaning. By better understanding who we are designing for, we create experiences of real value.

The resourses of BASNET Forumas association is based on Membership fee

Financial Contributors:

  Lithuanian Science Council +   European Funds