For implementing the main BASNET Forumas goals- implementation of BASNET Strategy in the Baltic States region , accumulation  good practices in solving women in science problem in the Baltic States , BASNET Forumas is planning to:

Coordinate  and monitor activities concerned with maintenance and strenchering the unique BASNET network between women scientists and policy makers.

The activity includes:

  • desimination of good practices using BASNET Forumas portal and mass media;
  • innitiation, participation and  organizing international , regional and national conferences targeted to the problem and its solution;
  • rising up number of BASNET Forumas members and providing new initiatives alloving to expand collaboration with respective bodies in the Northen and Eastern Europe countries;
  • acumulating and disseminating  good practices in solving women in science problem. This activity also includes maintenance and updating the BASNET Data basis;
  • participating in projects targeted to change women in sciences problem;
  • expanding international collaboration with stakeholder’s organizations and governmental bodies ;