Legal and natural persons of the Republic of Lithuania and other States who have expressed their desire to be the member of the Association and who accept and share the goals of association and are ready to make its input to improve the women situation in sciences and high technology may become members of the Association.

Social Partners

The social partners of the Association may include any Lithuania and the foreign bodies performing the public functions as delegated by the State, also any other legal persons that approve the objectives of the Association and contribute to the implementation thereof by providing to the Association charity and/or support, disseminating the ideas pursued by the Association, the declared goals, and informing the public of the activities performed by the Association who however have opted not to become the members of the Association.

Entities shall become the social partners of the Association upon the taking of the decision by the Executive Council to admit a legal person as a social partner of the Association after the Executive Council has been submitted an application concerning the becoming a social partner.

 List of social partners:


Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (LMA) (;