A large delegation composed of BASNET project partner representatives as well as Human resource managers from partner universities have been invited and took part in the conference „Changing research landscapes to make the most of human potential. Ten years of EU activities in «Women and Science», and beyond”. The conference was held in Prague at the Smíchov National Palace15-16 of May 2009. The conference offered the opportunity to highlight best practices in the field, adopted in the EU and third country institutions, discuss and identify which measures could be promoted in the future. BASNET Forumas took an active part in discussions and share e good practice gained during both implementing the BASNET project and post-project periods. It also presented the poster exhibited during the conference.


Association organised the international conference “Challenges to Science in the Context of Globalization” (http://www.euraxess.lt/content/naujiena.php?id=126) devoted to the contemporary science policy. More about the conference


The conference was meant to go in conformity with the current research system and science policy reforming processes in  Lithuania to meet contemporary challenges of science. One of the conference sessions was devoted to the social dimension of science policy-gender equality in science. Among key speakers of the conference were representatives of EIGE, member of ERAB Zaneta Ozolina, special assistant to the President of Stanford University for federal research policy and former Associate Director for Science in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) prof. Arthur Bienenstock (USA), outstanding researches and Lithuanian science policymakers. The conference was initiated and co-organized by BASNET Forumas association in collaboration with the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University (http://www.tspmi.vu.lt/en/) as well as EURAXESS Lithuania (http://www.euraxess.lt/). It was held in Vilnius, Crown Plaza hotel.


24-25 of November, BASNET Forums with partners organised the international conference “Science, Innovation and Gender”, devoted to the  100-year anniversary of the second Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded to Marie Curie – one of the most outstanding women scientists. The conference was taken under the patronage of Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO More about the conference

The following topics were discussed at the conference:

How the scientific achievements of women scientists contribute to the development of sciences?

How significant is the input of women in attracting the youth to the scientific activity?

How is the increase of women scientists’ potential related to the existing work culture?

Relations between science and business: input by women scientists into the innovative economy.


Among speakers, there were: member of Royal Society astrophysicist prof. J. Bell Burnell (UK), vice-president of the European Platform of Women Scientists prof. C. Hermann (France), prof. A. Kopustynska (Poland), Prof. D. Adlienė (Lithuania), prof. F. Zucco (Italy), prof. E. Czerwosz (Poland), prof. P. Mata (chemistry, Portugal), Prof. E. Lohkivi (Estonia) and others.  The conference was supported by  Lithuanian Research Council (www.lmt.lt), Office of the Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament) (www.lrs.lt), Vilnius City Municipality (www.vilnius.lt ), ORLEN Lietuva  (www.orlenlietuva.lt), British Council in Lithuania (www.britishcouncil.org/lithuania.htm), Polish  Institute of Culture in Vilnius (www.lenkukultura.lt), Polish House of culture in Vilnius  (www.polskidom.lt ) ,French Institute in Lithuania (www.centrefrancais.lt) and Italian Institute of Culture in Lithuania (www.iicvilnius.esteri.it).  It was held in the premises of Lithuanian Seimas.


BASNET Forumas association initiated and co-organized EPWS Lunch-Debate “Towards a Gender-Balanced Science Culture to Foster Innovation “at the European Parliament. More about the event

31 of January 2012 BASNET Forumas together with EPWS organised a Lunch-Debate “Towards a Gender-Balanced Science Culture to Foster Innovation “. The event was held in the European Parliament and hosted by MEP from Lithuania Leonidas Donskis. The debate aimed to provide information to the MEPs, officials from the European Commission, and representatives of other European and international organisations about the cultural aspects of science in Europe emphasizing the situation of women scientists. The debates provided participants with up-to-date information on the current situation and demonstrated tools and measures for the gender-balanced architecture of science culture to foster innovation. The conference helped to establish a dialogue that will allow in the future women scientists better contribute to European policy-making. During the event among other running European projects, EPWS BoA member, president of BASNET Forumas Dalia Satkovskiene presented the national Lithuanian project LYMOS.

20 of November 2012 BASNET Forumas organized the international conference „Promoting Gender Equality in Science“. More about the conference

The conference aimed to discuss the measures and national policies in the frame of implementation of European gender mainstreaming policy in science. It was the closing event of the National Lithuanian project LYMOS coordinated by Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and financed by European Structural Funds, aiming creation structural background for gender equality in Lithuanian science system. Among speakers of the conference there were  Dr. Brigitte Mühlenbruch,  president of the prestige European women scientists organization European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS), members Helsinki group of women in science  Prof. Ausma Cimdiņa (Latvia),  Auša Gribauskienė (Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science), Ms M. Nomm (Tartu University, Estonia), outstanding Lithuanian scientists and science policy makers. During the conference is planned the presentation of a book containing the most important LYMOD project results was presented to the conference participants.

As part of the implementation of the LEVEL project, the association organized career training for researchers in Šiauliai (20.04.2012), Vilnius (26.04.2012) and Kaunas (27.04.2012).




28 of November 2014 BASNET Forumas hosted the national Conference – debates ” ATTRACTIVENESS OF SCIENCES: GENDER ASPECTS “. The event aimed to familiarize  the scientific community society with the latest trends in science policy and discuss The factors influencing the attractiveness of the sciences for young people.


14-16 of January 2015 BASNET Forum organized in Lithuanian Seimas an international “Sustaining Gender Equality in Research and Innovation”. More about the conference

During the conference, the results of GEIRICA project were presented and discussed. The conference was welcomed by the members of the Lithuanian Seimas Dr. Giedrė Purvaneckienė and Orinta Leiputė, Vice Minister of Education and Science Rimantas Vaitkus, Adviser to the President of the Republic of Lithuania Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvinienė, Norwegian Ambassador to Lithuania Mr. Dag Malmer Halvorsen and  Rector of Vilnius University  J. Banys. The GEIRICA project partners shared their experience gained implementing structural changes in the research organizations. During the conference, the GEIRICA book containing project results was presented.


15 of March 2016 BASNET Forumas organized the presentation of Chiang Tsai-Chien’s book “The First Physics Lady Wu Chien-Shiung”. The book was translated to the Lithuanian language and published by BASNET Forumas. More about the event

The book presentation was the part of the programme of the high-level event – a celebration of the opening of the new national scientific centres and CERN exhibition in Vilnius. In the book presentation participated H. E.  Gary K. Y. Ko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Taipei Mission to the Baltic States, the representatives of the US Embassy in Lithuania, and Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lithuanian scientists and policy makers. The scientific achievements of Prof. Wu were presented by famous US scientists Prof. Melissa Franklin from Harvard University and Prof. Guenakh Mitselmakher from the University of Florida.

16-18 of March 2016, during the short visit of American scientists BASNET Forumas organizes a series of events –meetings. More about meetings

There was organized American physicists meetings with pupils from Vilnius schools interested in physics (Vilnius Lyceum, 17 January 2016), students and employees of the VU Faculty of Physics (16 March 2016), scientists of VU ITPA (16 March 2016) and students and employees of the Kaunas University of Technology ( KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Kaunas, March 18, 2016). During the meetings, US scientists have presented the most sounding latest experiments and discussed the obtained results.

4-5 of April 2016 BASNET Forumas hosted COST project GenderSTE event-symposium “Capacity Building Symposium for Policy Makers“. More about the event

Symposium was dedicated to discussing structural changes promoting gender equality in research organizations. Among symposium participants was Baltic countries’ science policy makers, the executive administrators of science-funding agencies and universities. The symposium was honoured by the Vice Minister of Education and Science Mr. R. Zuoza, Vice-President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and Member of the Latvian Scientific Council Prof. Baiba Rivza, Vice Rector for research of Vilnius University Prof. R. Jankauskas and others. Among lectors- gender experts there was Prof. Ines Sanchez de Madariaga (Madrid Technical University, Spain), Dr. Roberta Schaller-Steidl (Austrian Ministry of Science Education and Economics), Prof. Uduak Archibong (Bradford University, UK), Barbara Limanowska (EIGE, Lithuania), Prof. Gustav Amberg (Swedish Royal Institute of Technology) and others.


6 of September 2017 BASNET Forumas in Brussels in the European Parliament organized conference “From Resolution to Realization: The Impact of the European Parliament Resolution of 9.9.2015 on Women’s Careers in Science and University”. MEP hosted the event from Lithuania Mrs. Laima Andrikienė.

20-21 of November 2017  BASNET Forumas together with Vilnius University, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and the EC Horizon 2020 project GENERA, coordinated by DESY (Germany), organized a high-level international conference “ACCELERATING ERA DEVELOPMENT BY PROMOTION OF GENDER EQUALITY IN STEM RESEARCH”(http://www.acceleratingera.vu.lt/).  More about the conference

The Conference aimed at advancing the goals of creation European Research Area (ERA) process by consolidating the efforts of ERA stakeholders, EU scientific networks and established knowledge from past initiatives for promotion systemic cultural change in research performing and funding organizations. This high-level conference, patronized by the president of Lithuanian Republic H.E. Dalia Grybauskaitė. The agenda of the event included policy debate on strengthening consolidation of ERA stakeholder’s efforts in the field of implementation gender equality in research, discussions on the practical outcomes for improvement of understanding of the key factors enabling successful design and implementation of Gender Equality in research organizations with a focus was made on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and particularly on Physics, the specific field of the GENERA project. The special sessions were devoted to the Baltic States Republics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and more generally the Baltic Sea States and the Nordic States region.  In the first day discussions devoted to the ERA development took part Mr. Jean-David Malo, Director of Open Science and Open Innovation, DG Research and Innovation, Ambassador Maira Mora, Director General of the Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), official representatives of  ERA stakeholders Prof. Rolf Tarrach, President of European University Association (EUA),   Prof. Gunnel Gustafsson, Director of NordForsk, representatives  of Baltic States research organizations and EIGE. The points of views of representatives of running EU gender-related projects on effectiveness of measures used implementing structural change in Research organizations, were described in a compact manner in several round tables. The second day sessions was focussed on the specificities of Physics: in this discipline women are underrepresented and there is a variety of working environments, from an individual experiments to huge international facilities with teams of hundreds of scientists. It was organized as Gender in Physics day of Baltic States in the framework of GENERA project observership programme with participation of representatives from the Baltic States, GENERA consortium members and observing organizations including the largest European networks performing physics research. The EPWS president Prof. Claudine Hermann moderated the plenary discussion about the necessity the creation of the European network of organizations performing physics for creation of consensus on implementation of gender equality. The largest European networks in the discussion was represented by Dr. Agneta Nestenborg, Director of the European Spallation Source (ESS) European Spallation Source (ESS) Dr. Francesca Primas, European South Observatory (ESO) and Dr. Thomas Berghöfer, German Electron Synchrotron (DESY). The conference was, attended by more than 130 participants from 19 countries including EU and EEA, counties Ukraine, Turkey and Israel. It took place in splendid locations: the Renaissance Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and the Aula Parva of the historical Vilnius University.

12 of December 2017 in the White Hall of the Vilnius University Library and 15 of January, 2018 in the National M. Mažvydas library BASNET Forumas organized celebration the 150th anniversary of Maria Sklodowska Curie.  On this occasion the books “Marie Curie: Une femme dans son sciecle” (Marie Curie: woman of her century) written by scientists of the Musée Curie in Paris in collaboration with Marie Curie’s anime, Hélène Langevin-Joliot and issued in French-language was donated to both libraries.  The book purchase was funded by French Institute.