On 11 February, the world will celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. In 2015, the United To ensure the full and equal participation of women and girls in education and accelerating the achievement of gender equality and increasing women’s participation in science, the General Assembly Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming 11 February as the International Day for Women and Girls Day. The day is intended to reaffirm the vital importance of science and gender equality for achieving the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goals.

BASNET Forum, the Baltic Association of Women Scientists, together with its partners, invites you to join us on 9-12 ( I-IV Gymnasium) and their teachers and teachers of students in grades K – 12, the International Conference on Women and Day of Women and Girls in Science with a remote event featuring prominent Lithuanian women scientists physicists, biochemists and biotechnologists, mathematicians and marine scientists will share their achievements and impressions of what science looks like up close, highlighting the “silent” female scientists of the past contributions to the development of the exact sciences, and talk about contemporary scientific issues that may need to be the next generation of future scientists.

The event will feature a brainstorming competition under the motto “Science for All”. Players will answer questions about gender equality in science, famous female scientists and the latest discoveries and challenges in science. All female and male scientists are invited to take part in the Challenge. The winners and runners-up will be The winning classes will be invited to the spring workshops in Vilnius, Klaipėda and Kaunas universities and research institutions, where scientific discoveries will be are laying the foundations for future technologies.

Those interested and willing to take part in the event are invited to register by 19:00 on 9 February.


A Zoom login link will be sent to all registrants the day before the event.

See you on 11 February at 11:00. On the Zoom platform!

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