Lithuanian Women Physicists 2021

Vilnius 2021

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Kiuri muziejus, Marjona Ogiusten. MARIJA KIURI. MOTERIS PRALENKUSI SAVO LAIKĄ. Lithuanian translation arranged with Éditions Gründ, Édi8, Paris, France.

ISBN 978-609-07-0412-7 Vilnius 2020

Chiang Tsai-Chien. PIRMOJI FIZIKOS LEDI WU CHIEN-SHIUNG. Lithuanian translation arranged with World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

ISBN 978-609-95455-2-3, 260p.,Vilnius 2016

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Gender Equality Implementation in Research Institutions: A Collaborative Approach. GEIRICA Project Results.

ISBN 978-9955-9729-1-4, 143 p., Vilnius 2015

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International Conference “Science, Innovation and Gender “, Proceedings. The conference is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Marie Sklodowska Curie’s second Nobel Prize

ISBN 978-609-95455-1-6, 96p.,Vilnius 2013

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Lyčių lygybės skatinimas moksle. LYMOS projekto rezultatai.

ISBN 978-609-95455-0-9, Vilnius 2012

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Women in science and High Technology in the Baltic States: Problems and Solutions.

ISBN 978-9986-885-11-5, 300p., Vilnius 2008

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Leaflets and booklets

International Conference “Accelerating ERA Development by Promotion of Gender Equality in STEM Research

Vilnius 20-21 of November 2017


Booklet „BASNET Forumas – Baltic States regional association linking women scientists working in science and HT and policy makers”

Vilnius 2013


BASNET Forumas leaflet

Vilnius 2012