BASNET Forumas association was established in 2009 for continuation of FP6 project “Baltic States network: women in science and HT” (BASNET).

FP6 BASNET project aimed to create the Baltic States strategy to increase the participation of women in Science and High Technology. In order to ensure a valid and efficient strategy, much attention in the project was paid to the sociological analysis of factors determining the under-representation of women in Sciences and High Technology in the Baltic States. The analysis of the problems women face in their careers in the sciences in the  European countries and in the USA, as well as recommendations made by sociological studies, led the study to conclude that the quickest way to improve the situation of women in science in the region is through the improvement of the existing science management policy. Based on this finding the specifics of national research and higher education systems, as well as policies targeted at measuring gender differences, and good practices in the field from other countries were analysed by national groups. As a result of these conclusions, the BASNET strategy for Women in Science and Higher Technology for the Baltic States region was created.


The unique network of scientists and policy-makers allowed bypassing the institutional barriers For example; the BASNET Strategy was adopted in 2008 by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Sciences. BASNET Forumas was involved as a partner into the Lithuanian National project LYMOS financed by EU structural funds and aiming to build the structural changes in  Lithuanian science system towards implementation of equal opportunities in sciences. The financial opportunities for implementation of the Strategy at the national level based on the findings of BASNET project have been discussed at governmental level in the other Baltic States also. In order to ensure the continuation of the main project tasks, it was decided by project partners to establish the association BASNET Forumas. The mission of BASNET Forumas is to mobilize the efforts of members to support the implementation of BASNET Women in Sciences strategy in the Baltic States region.