General Questions

The member participate and vote in all meetings of the assembly of the Association; enjoy the services provided by the Association; have access to the documents of the Association and be provided all the information at the disposal of the Association; dispose all the information at the disposal of the Association; receive advice and other support from the Association in defending his legitimate interests; engage in the development and implementation of projects and programs of the Association.

The member of the Association is obliged to: comply with the Articles of Association of the Association, actively participate in its activity; perform the resolutions and decisions of the management bodies of the Association related to the membership in the Association; furnish the management bodies with the information about their activity necessary for implementation of common objectives; ensure timely payment of the membership fee.

The members of the Association shall pay the annual fee prescribed by the assembly of the Association. The fee is different for different categories of members:

  1. a) The fee for universities, research and governmental institutions and professional societies is determined to be 434Eur;
  2. b) The fee for persons is determined to be 15Eur;
  3. c) The fee for students is determined to be 3Eur;

The entry fee for organizations is determined to be 434Eur. when persons are not asked to pay it.

The prospective members should express their desire to be the member of the Association in writing. New members of the Association shall be admitted under the decision of the Executive Council of the association and the unanimous vote of all its members.