The mission of BASNET Forumas is to mobilize the efforts of members to support the implementation of BASNET Women in Sciences strategy in the BALTIC States region;


The Vision is gender-sensitive and women-friendly system of S&HT, the gender-balanced and gender-aware academic community, where both counterparts has equal opportunities to develop and fully exploit her/his talents of researching, teaching, administrating, and policy making at all levels of institutional hierarchies in S&HT.

Why it matters

Women in science problem reveal itself in different and unequal status and possibilities in different fields of professional activities and on different levels of organizational hierarchies in Sciences & High Technology. Women scientists are still a minority among researchers and scientists in S&HT. They are almost absent on the highest levels of S&HT administration and policymaking. Sciences play a key role in understanding the world we live in, and the scientists contribute strongly to the economic and cultural development and welfare of nations. Thus the problem of runaway of women from Sciences and HT is limiting the available pool of talented people to half of humanity and eliminating diversity. It is also evident that until women are not fully represented at the leadership level of public, professional and economic life, we cannot say that women enjoy full equal rights.