2017 association actively participated in preparation of the project „Gender Equality in Academia in Central and Eastern Europe” (AGENCEE) proposal. The project is coordinated by Hungarian Academy of Science. The project was submitted to the  EC Horizon 2020 programme call  SwafS-03-2016-2017.n Vilnius.  More information about the conference : http://www.acceleratingera.vu.lt/

2017 BASNET Forumas submitted application entitled „ACCELERATING ERA DEVELOPMENT BY PROMOTION OF GENDER EQUALITY IN STEM RESEARCH to LSC programme supporting associations.

2017 association prepared and submitted project proposal entitled „PROMOTION OF GENDER EQUALITY IN STEM RESEARCH (GENINSTEM) to the Nordic Countries Council of Ministers office in Lithuania. The project was financed and implemented.

GENINSTEM project is devoted to both revealing some aspects giving strong impact on gender equality as priority of European Research Area (ERA) progress as well as with practical issuers focused on specifics of working culture necessary to be taken into account for promotion of gender equality in STEM related organizations. The project aims  to contribute to the EU and Nordic countries science policy development by including gender equality perspective both through concerted advocacy efforts and through sharing good practices develop solutions of changing the working culture in STEM related organizations and departments of universities that could stimulate and attract more women in STEM fields.“ (ACCERA). The project aimed at organizing high level EU policy  conference in Vilnius.  More information about the conference : http://www.acceleratingera.vu.lt/

2017 BASNET Forumas with partners Vilnius University, European Institute for Gender Equality and Horizon 2020 project GENERA implemented project entitled „ACCELERATING ERA DEVELOPMENT BY PROMOTION OF GENDER EQUALITY IN STEM RESEARCH“ (ACCERA). The project aimed at organizing high level EU policy  conference in Vilnius.  More information about the conference : http://www.acceleratingera.vu.lt/


2016  BASNET Forumas strongly contributed to the development of the project Institutionalization of GEPs in the Baltic Sea Region R&I Systems for Strengthening and Harmonization ERA“ (GEPERA) proposal. The project was coordinated by Vilnius University.  It was submitted to the SwafS-03-2016-2017 call of the Horizon 2020 programme.


2015 association strongly contributed in preparation of project proposal „Innovative Gender Equality Strategies for Modernization of Research Organizations in the Baltic States” (InnGES-BalticS). Project was coordinated by Vilnius University and submitted to the GERI.4.2015 call of  Horizon 2020 SwafS programme.

 2015 BASNET Forumas as partner participated in preparation of the project proposal “Responsible Natural Sciences Innovation Framework” (RESPONSIF). The project aimed at creation of  Responsible Research &Innovation policy (including one of its priorities-gender equality in research). The project coordinator- Natural History Museum of London. The project was submitted to ISSI-2014-2015 call of the Horizon 2020 programme.

2015 association started the project “Gender Equality in Science. On the cognition limit”. The project aims at to raising the public awareness to gender equality issues by increasing and disseminating knowledge about the fundamental contribution of women scientists to the development of science. The project starts with translating to Lithuanian and issuing the book about the famous Chinese scientist Wu Chien- Shiung and its delivery to the general public.

2015  BASNET Forumas prepared and submitted to the call of Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Development Cooperation Programme the concept of the project  “Gender Equality in the Science of the Eastern Partnership countries”.


2014 association applied to the LSC programme supporting associations with the project „Gabių tiksliesiems mokslams merginų skatinimas rinktis mokslininkės kelią”. The project received support. At the end of the year the national level event -debates for stakeholders was held in Vilnius (Lithuania)  for clearing arising problems with attraction more talented girls to science.

2014 BASNET Forumas as a PARTNER participated in preparation project „Girls Meet Women Scientists“ (SciGirls) proposal. The project was submitted to the call of the Horizon 2020 programme. It was coordinated by publishing house Jungvornweg, Germany.


2013 BASNET Forumas applied to the Lithuanian Science Council (LSC) programme supporting associationsThe project was financed and successfully implemented.   


2012 BASNET Forumas represents Lithuania in COST Gender, Science, Technology and Environment (genderSTE) project.

Cost genderSTE project was the first Targeted Network approved by the COST Committee of Senior Officials. It kicked off on 28 November 2012, ending in November 2016. A new COST initiative intended to advance the state of the art in knowledge and policy implementation on gender, science, technology and environment through creating a network of policy-makers and experts on gender, science and technology. GenderSTE is a network of experts and policy makers committed to promoting a fairer representation of women and better integration of gender analysis in research and innovation.

The main objective of genderSTE is to promote a better integration of gender dimensions in science and technology at three main levels:

  1. Promoting women’s careers in science and technology through structural change of institutions (as recommended by the European Commission) by disseminating existing research and practice;
  2. Promoting a better integration of gender in the content of science, research and technology, by dissemination existing research on the topic, i.e. the EU-US Gendered Innovations project;
  3. Identifying gender dimensions relevant to environment-related Horizon2020 Grand Challenges and to the JPI Urban Europe.

2012 BASNET Forumas prepared and submitted application for Lithuanian Science Council programme supporting associations. The project was successful.

BASNET Forumas association is participating as one of partners in two years lasting project “Gender Equality Implementation in Research Institutions: Collaborative Approach” (GEIRICAhttp://www.sapgeric.eu2013.vu.lt/geirica/ ). The project started in2013. The project is financed by EEA and Norway Funds Bilateral programme for 2009 – 2014. It aims at strengthening the cooperation between Lithuania and donor countries for ensuring gender equality in research institutions. The project is targeted to different activities ensuring extension of cooperation, sharing knowledge and mutual understanding and making wider effects to the solution problems in the field. On the basis of practices gained by donor countries (Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein) the unified mechanisms for collaboration of stakeholders (scientists, high level executives of research institutions and science policy making bodies) supporting effective implementation of structural change aiming assurance the gender equality in research organizations will be worked out and recommendations to Lithuania will be developed. The GEIRICA project started during Lithuanian presidency to EU Council. Therefore some of GEIRICA project objectives/ activities are linked to FP7 project SAPGERIC, aiming at organizing LT presidency Conference “Structural change promoting gender equality in research organizations”. The GEIRICA partner’s initiative to develop recommendations on gender in science issues for international and regional EU programmes (EAP and EUSBSR) and lobbing for turning on gender related topics into Action plans is also among those shared with SAPGERIC topics.


2011 association prepared and submitted the proposal entitled “Dissemination of good practices in solving equal gender opportunities problem in sciences” for Eastern Partnership programme. The project was not financed.

2011 BASNET Forumas submitted two proposals: to the Lithuanian Science Council. The support was received for establishment of BASNET Forumas internet portal and EPWS membership fee.

2012 association participated in preparation of the FP7 project proposal “MOBILIZATION OF SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY FOR DEVELOPMENT OF SOLVENCES TO TACKLE THE ACTIVE AGING CHALENGE IN THE EUROPEAN POLICY CONTEXT” (ACTIO), which was submitted to the EC Science in Society programme.


2010-2011 association initiated and was active in development of conception and proposal preparation of national Lithuanian „LYMOS“ project devoted to establishing the structural changes in Lithuanian science system towards implementation equal opportunities in sciences. The LYMOS project will start at the beginning of 2011. Its duration is 2 years. BASNET Forumas will be one of the project partners. Project will be financed by EU structural funds.