In November 2021, the Association organised a campaign to donate the 2020 edition of the Lithuanian-language book “Maria Kiuri – A Woman Ahead of Her Time”, published by the M. Kiuri Museum in Paris and the author Marjon Ogiusten, to the libraries of Lithuanian regional grammar schools. The aim of the campaign is to draw the attention of various institutions, publishing houses and patrons to the poor financial situation of Lithuanian regional gymnasium libraries and the lack of interesting popular literature on women scientists and the latest scientific achievements, encouraging students to take an interest in the exact sciences, which contribute significantly to the well-being of humanity. The campaign was supported by the BASNET Forum, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, the French Embassy in Lithuania, the VU Centre for Nuclear and Particle Physics (CERN), the VU Life Sciences Centre and UAB Cureline Baltic. The book is an authentic account of a woman whose contribution to science and society is not yet fully appreciated. She is the first woman to be awarded Nobel Prizes in two scientific fields – physics and chemistry. Her research laid the foundations for a new field of physics – nuclear physics and its medical applications. Kiuri showed that understanding natural phenomena requires experimental learning.Kiuri’s life encouraged women to pursue education, and her stubbornness, talent and scientific achievements opened the doors of universities worldwide. Her work changed the way society views science and anticipated the growing need for it in the future.President Dalia Grybauskaitė, the patron of the donation campaign, hopes that the arrival of this special book in gymnasiums will be a landmark event. According to the President, “a book about the life of the legendary scientist Marie Curie is an exceptional gift. It is very important that teachers encourage their pupils, and especially girls, who are still so lacking in the world of science and technology, to embark on an extraordinary journey through the pages of this book and perhaps discover the beginning of their own future paths. “The French version of the book was published in 2017 on the occasion of Marie Curie’s 150th birthday. The book will be published in Lithuanian in 2020 on the initiative of BASNET Forum, a regional association of Baltic scholars.