On the 31 of January EPWS is organizing a Lunch-Debate “Towards a Gender-Balanced Science Culture to Foster Innovation “ at the European Parliament hosted by MEP from Lithuania Leonidas Donskis. The event was initiated by BASNET Forumas. The debate aims to inform Members of the European Parliament, officials from the European Commission, and representatives of other European and international organizations on the culture in which science happens in Europe and to put emphasis on the situation of women scientists. The debate should provide participants with up-to-date information on the current situation and give them tools and measures for a gender-balanced architecture of science culture to foster innovation. The conference will help to establish a dialogue that will allow women scientists to better contribute to European policy-making in the future. During the event among other running European projects, EPWS BoA member president of Lithuanian BASNET Forumas will present the national Lithuanian project LYMOS.