24-25 of November, 2011 the conference international conference “Science, Innovation and Gender” will be held in Vilnius. The 100-year anniversary of the second Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded to Marie Curie – one of the most outstanding women scientists – is an excellent occasion to call society’s attention to the strong input of women scientists in sciences and to discuss problems related to rising of women involvement into research activities. The conference is seen as interdisciplinary, presentations will be delivered by scientists from various fields (astronomy, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, sociology etc).

The main topics to be discussed at the conference are:

  • How the scientific achievements of women scientists contribute to the development of sciences?
  • How significant is the input of women in attracting the youth to the scientific activity?
  • How the increase of women scientists’ potential is related to the existing work culture?
  • Relations between science and business: input by women scientists into the innovative economy.
Among speakers there are member of Royal Society astrophysicist prof. J. Bell Burnell (Great Britain), vice-president of European Platform of Women Scientists prof. C. Hermann (France), prof. A. Kopustynska (Poland), Prof. D. Adlienė (Lithuania), prof. F. Zucco (Italy), prof. E. Czerwosz (Poland), prof. P. Mata (chemistry, Portugal), Prof. E. Lohkivi (Estonia) and others.

The conference is taken under the patronage of Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO. It is supported by:



More about the conference please find in the conference site :http://www.tfai.vu.lt/curie/