On 6 October 2021, the publication “Lithuanian Physicists 2021”, published by BASNET Forum, was presented at a special session of the 44th Lithuanian National Physics Conference (LNFC-44). On this occasion, the President of the Association, Doc. Dr. Dalia Šatkovskienė, introduced the physics community to the history and goals of BASNET Forum and briefly presented the work carried out during the decade. She noted that the main goal of the Association is to achieve gender equality in science in the Baltic Sea Region. Presenting the book and photo album “Lithuanian Physicists 2021”, which will be published for the physicists’ community in 2021, Ms Šatkovskienė explained that the ongoing project “On the Frontier of Knowledge” is devoted to the promotion of the achievements of women scientists in the exact sciences and listed the books published by the Association. The book – a photo album “Lithuanian Physicists 2021” – is special because it draws attention to the huge gender disproportion in physics in Lithuanian scientific institutions and the poor opportunities for women to pursue a scientific career. This reduces the number of talented people working in this field of science and is intolerable both in terms of the development of an innovative, science-based economy with high added value and in terms of democracy in Lithuania.