The 1-st General Assembly (GA) of the European Network of Physicists GENERA took place 18 – 19 of September in Hamburg in the German Synchrotron Centre (DESY). The network currently brings together more than 30 European research organizations working in the field of physics from 14 EU countries. The main purpose of the network is to work with research organizations, projects and associations to harness the latest knowledge and tools they have developed for the implementation of gender equality policies in physics research performing institutions and universities.

The Assembly discussed the structure of the GENERA Network and planned future activities. For development of GENERA future plans it was set 5 Working Committees. It was decided that by September 2021 the network will be coordinated by DESY bearing all related to this costs. To the position of GA Chair for a 2 years term was elected Dr. Meytal Eran Jona from Weizmann Institute (Israel). The elected Vice Chair of GA is astronomer Dr. Francesca Primas (Southern European Observatory, ESO). She will replace Dr. Meytal Eran Jona in 2021.

During the event the Assembly members presented some invited talks on different subjects concerned with gender equality in physics. Sabrina Lecerf, representing the European project „Nuclear Science and Applications Research – 2“ (ENSAR_2) devoted to stimulate technology transfer and collaborative development as well as  scientific innovation in physics, presented a part of the project ENSAR2 studies related to  socio-economic impact of  gender differences. Prof. Tomas Brage (Lund University, Sweden) presented his insights on the importance of gender dimension in physics research and education. The results of doctoral studies in physics at the Weizmann Institute (Israel) were presented by Dr. Meytal Eran Jona. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Šatkovskienė shared the 10-year experience of the BASNET Forumas and presented learned lessons giving the opportunity to be applied to the GENERA network.