28-30 November 2018

The conference aimed to get together international experts for discussing the National Action Plans (NAPs) for implementation United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 adopted in 2000 and followed it other resolutions on Women Pease and Security. The Resolutions acknowledged the disproportionate and unique impact of armed conflict on women and girls. Its core message is: women and civil society are key actors in preventing violence, stopping war, and helping rebuild nations and communities after conflicts. The NAPs aim to ‘translate’ international legal framework around women, peace, and security into a domestic strategy with specific national and local objectives. The conference opening session was held in Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) when more detailed questions was discussed in Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The conference was participated by H. E. Ambassadors to the Republic of Lithuania from: Ireland (Mr. David Robert Noonan), Sweden (Ms. Maria Christina Lundqvist), United States of America (Ms. Anne Hall), Norway (Mr. Karsten Klepsvik), high level representatives from NATO and other international organizations, foreign and Lithuanian NGO’s dealing with gender equality issues. BASNET Forumas President Assoc. Prof. Dr. D. Šatkovskienė was invited by organizers to participate the conference and share gained experience on implementation of gender equality issues in male dominated organizations.