18 of December, 2018

Annual BASNET Forumas meeting was held in the National Center for Physical and Technological Sciences (NFTMC). It was attended by the members of the institutions’ BASNET Forumas members, guests from    University of Klaipeda, the National Center for Physical and Technological Sciences (NFTMC) as well as colleagues from social sciences, working closely with BASNET Forumas. The meeting was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the BASNET Forumas association. President of the Association Assoc. Prof. Dr. D. Šatkovskienė briefly summarized the BASNET Forumas activities implemented during 10 years period and targeted to develop, disseminate and implement EU gender in research policy at international, regional and national levels, as well as advertising the achievements of women scientists working STEM fields. During the meeting the activities planned by association in 2019 were presented and discussed. Assoc. Prof.  Dr. S. Pralgauskaitė presented the concept and agenda of the international conference „GENDER EQUALITY IN STI: PROGRESS AND CHALLENGES“ to be held 18-19 of March in Lithuanian Seimas and dedicated to the BASNET Forumas 10th anniversary. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lijana Stundžė, the head of VU Gender Studies Center presented the activities of the Center revealing the possible direction of mutual cooperation. During the meeting there was also discussed the planned to be newly launched by BASNET Forumas website rubric “Portraits of Lithuanian Scientists” including questionnaire developed by Dr. A. Novelskaitė for this. The debate took place in a pleasant environment with the traditional BASNET Forumas coffee.